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The Yohkoh Archive

The Yohkoh spacecraft reentered the earth's atmosphere on 2005 September 12.

The public Yohkoh archive at the SDAC spans the entire Yohkoh mission from launch (1991 September) to end of mission (2001 December). See the Yohkoh archive page for details.

Complete Yohkoh Archive Available

Among the data products the Yohkoh science team has made available are:

CME Lists

CGRO Solar Flare Catalog

CGRO BATSE Solar Flair Catalog

Click the link here for a description of the Compton GRO BATSE solar flare database in the SDAC archives, including online access to the catalog. You can get a PostScript light curve for any flare by clicking on its entry in the catalog.

Browse the BATSE anonymous ftp tree.

CGRO OSSE Solar Flare Website

Gamma-ray line and continuum observations of solar flares in 1991 - 2000 obtained by the US Naval Research Laboratory's OSSE instrument on NASA's CGRO spacecraft.

NOAA Solar Proton Events Database Available

A table of solar proton events measured by the NOAA GOES spacecraft (1976 - present) is available online at the SDAC.

Plots for any individual time span can also be obtained at the National Geophysical Data Center.

NSO-SAC Peak Coronal Data

Sacramento Peak coronal data products are available via the NSO Digital Library, which is searchable throught the Virtual Solar Observatory.

The SMM Online Archive

Brief descriptions of the Solar Maximum Mission (1980 - 1989), and of several of the individual instrument data sets, are now available.