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Yohkoh(HXT/SXT/WBS) Flare Catalogue is a part of a paper published in Solar Physics by Springer Netherlands. This catalog was included in our site by permission of the publisher and the authours.
Title: YOHKOH/WBS Recalibration and a Comprehensive Catalogue of Solar Flares
       Observed by YOHKOH SXT, HXT and WBS Instruments

Authors:  J. Sato, Y. Matsumoto, K. Yoshimura, S. Kubo, J. Kotoku, S. Masuda,
          M. Sawa, K. Suga, M. Yoshimori, T. Kosugi and T. Watanabe

Journal: Solar Physics (Springer Netherlands)
Issue:   p. 351-368, Volume 236, Number 2 / July, 2006
ISSN:    0038-0938 (Print) 1573-093X (Online)
DOI:     10.1007/s11207-006-1831-5

Yohkoh/BCS Flare Catalog is provided by UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory and was prepared by Paul Kuin and Carl Foley with the support of PPARC.

Yohkoh/SXT Sigmoid Catalog is a list of 107 sigmoids studied in the following paper.
Title:  Yohkoh SXT Full-Resolution Observations of Sigmoids: Structure,
        Formation, and Eruption

Authors: Canfield, Richard C.; Kazachenko, Maria D.; Acton, Loren W.;
         Mackay, D. H.; Son, Ji; Freeman, Tanya L.

Jounal: The Astrophysical Journal
Issue:  pp. L81-L84, Volume 671, Issue 1, / December, 2007.
DOI     10.1086/524729

Yohkoh/SXT Synoptic Image Archive : The sxt synoptic maps are made of strips of SXT full-disk images observed during the period of one solar rotation (or one Carrington rotation, that is approximately 27.3 days). The thin strips are taken along a fixed longitude (usualy along the central meridian) and stacked from right to left as the time goes by. They are sort of the cylindrical projection of the whole sun surface, except that each strip was observed at different time.

Yohkoh/SXT Quick Look : Our quick look pages are organized in a calender-like list of dates, containing daily images, movies, and other useful information.