HRTS Solar UV Atlas References

An ultraviolet spectral atlas of different solar features is now available via anonymous ftp. The atlas has been published in the following journals articles:

The latter paper is available in PostScript form here. Following is the abstract of that paper:


                              P. BREKKE
       Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo


An ultraviolet spectral atlas of different solar regions in the wavelength region 1190 - 1730 Å is presented. The data were obtained with the High Resolution Telescope and Spectrograph (HRTS) during a rocket flight in 1978. The spectral resolution of the instrument was 0.05 Å while a spatial resolution of approximately 1.8 arcsec was achieved. The atlas is a supplement to the previous ultraviolet atlas of a sunspot and an active region based on the same rocket data (Brekke et al. ApJS, 75, 1337, 1991). The atlas contains spectra of three different quiet regions including pointings at disk center and the extreme limb. Data from an active region close to the solar limb and a prominence have also been included together with an atlas of a so-called explosive event. The selected areas are averaged over several arcsec, ranging from 3.5 to 220 arcsec. The absolute intensities are determined with an accuracy of +/- 30% except for the strongest emission lines that are synthesized from spectra with different exposure times. The atlas is available in a machine readable form together with an IDL program to interactively measure line widths, total intensities and solar wavelengths. The data can be obtained over the network [by clicking here].

The contents of the atlas-files can be found here.