Contents of the ATLAS_DATA files

The files available here contain the HRTS UV atlas in a format serving both Unix and VMS users. A software package is also available to browse the atlas. It is written in IDL and uses the IDL widget interface. The following files is available where the files --.Z has been compressed with the unix (ultrix) program COMPRESS.

Size(bytes)      Date    filename                   contents
2570240        Jun 26   hrts_atlas.tar        Atlas data files
1981161        Jun 26   hrts_atlas.tar.Z      Atlas data files (compressed)
 757760        Jun 26   atlas_prog.tar        Atlas IDL codes
 229916        Jun 26   atlas_prog.tar.Z      Atlas IDL codes (compressed)
2657025        Mar  5        Atlas manus (ApJ)
971914         Mar  3   atlas_manus.tar.Z     Atlas manus (ApJ) compressed

The HRTS_ATLAS.TAR files contain seperate files for the spectrum from each solar feature. The files/features included are:

Filename                    size (blocks)  ATLAS Label (Table 2 in manus)
ar.dat                        453/453      AR   (Sunspot atlas)
ar_l.dat                      453/453      AR L
hr2_ee,dat                    453/453      E.E.
hr2_prot.dat                  453/453      Prom.
lb.dat                        453/453      LB   (Sunspot atlas)
qqr_a.dat                     453/453      QR A
qqr_b.dat                     453/453      QR B
qqr_l.dat                     453/453      QR L
qr.dat                        453/453      QR   (Sunspot atlas)
spi.dat                       453/453      SP A (Sunspot atlas)
spii.dat                      453/453      SP B (Sunspot atlas)
The file contains a complete copy of the ApJ manuscript including figures. The selected areas on the Sun is marked in Figure 1.

The file hist_mod.txt gives information about updates.

The author, P. Brekke would like to get feedback on the atlas and also ask people to send future preprints/papers/reports that make use of the the atlas or results from the atlas papers. This will be useful for updating our bibliography on the use of HRTS data.

Pål Brekke

Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics
University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1029
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