ISTP workshop

January 6, 1997

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Participants in the ISTP Workshop convened at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center January 6 - 9, 1997, for a series of discussions and sessions involving the scientific and organizational agenda of ISTP projects. Several of the sessions focussed on events which originate on the apparent solar disk or in the inner corona and can be observed by more than one of the participating ISTP projects. A workshop on January 6, 1997 was organized to introduce participants to SOHO instruments and synoptic observations. The agenda and minutes of that session are included as part of this site.

This website is intended as a source of information and support for participants in the ISTP- SOHO correlative observations working group.

SOHO session agenda and meeting minutes

January 6 Cloud Event: Summary of solar data thus far

Example of event tracking: Magnetic Cloud event of December 24, 1996 - done entirely on-line during the workshop

Event lists - Possible Targets for Correlative Study

Data links - Data sites and starting points for various instruments and data facilities

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