This list of data-related web sites are intended to assist in tracking the solar origin of observations. After an event has been identified and you've decided that you may want to proceed with further analysis, you may consult with individual instrument teams or you may want to consult the ISTP SOHO working group as a starting point.

Data Bases and Servers

  • The SOHO Summary Data Base provides SOHO Summary Data available to support solar observations.
  • The SOHO Synoptic Data Base is an excellent search engine which provides a variety of data (listed at the bottom of the page).
  • CELIAS MTOF Proton Monitor lists solar wind speed, density, and thermal speed, organized by Carrington rotation. CELIAS plots are also available The
  • ISTP Science Planning and Operations Facility (SPOF) site, can produce plots of ISTP Key Parameter data.
  • Additionally, the CDAWeb (Coordinated Data Analysis) Space Physics Public Database provides an array of publicly available space physics data.
  • The NOAA Space Environment Lab's GOES X-ray flux Gopher Server is a quick and handy reference for X-ray activity on the sun.

    Other links

    SOHO Synoptic Data Base:

    Image Type:    
    Ca II K 3934  
    Ca II K3 line 
    Ca XV synoptic coronal map
    H Alpha 6563
    H Alpha Coronagraph 
    Hard X Rays 
    He I 10830 A
    He I 10830 A synoptic map
    Lyman Alpha 
    1216 A Magnetogram 
    5250 A Magnetogram
    Na 5896 Magnetogram, longi. comp. 
    Magnetogram, synoptic map
    Soft X rays
    White Light


    Big Bear Solar Observatory Holloman AFB Kiepenheuer Inst. for Solar Phys. Learmonth Solar Observatory Mauna Loa Solar Obs. at HAO Mees Solar Observatory Mt. Wilson Observatory Nat. Solar Obs. at Kitt Peak Nat. Solar Obs. at Sac. Peak Nobeyama Radio Observatory Observatory of Paris at Meudon Pic du Midi Observatory Space Environment Lab Yohkoh Soft-X Telescope

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