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Welcome to the EIT User's Guide


October 30, 2015.
Update of the calibration lamps, pointing and background data up to October 30, 2015.
Look for them in your SolarSoftware distribution.


This is the new version of the EIT user's guide. In these pages you will find all the information you need to

  1. download and install the software required to analyze EIT data
  2. use this software to obtain radiometrically calibrated EIT data
  3. request EIT observations and take the duties of the EIT planner

The chapters are written independently, and do not assume that you have read other chapters. However, some of the information in other chapters (such as EIT software setup) may be necessary.

Check what's new for information on the latest updates.

We encourage you to give us advice, assistance, etc. in making this guide more comprehensible, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. Please e-mail any comments to Frédéric Auchère.


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