How to do the Regular

Archive and Software Updates


All the following is brand new. Although it's been tested on Gavroche and worked fine, the one thing that I did not think about will happen and make the software crash. Please report to me any unwanted "feature".


If we want the new calibration to remain up to date, the calibration lamps database, the pointing coordinates and the CCD dark current need to be updated after the fact, when we replace the quicklook by level zero data. So the EIT planners now have an additional charge. You have to regularly (about once every 6 weeks, i.e. it may not even happen once in your planning shift) update the calibration lamps database and one routine of the EIT software. I tried to automate this process as much as I could, but it still needs some manual intervention.


How to update

1. First, you have to manually update the list of bakeouts (see the section below).

2. Then, just enter

$ top
$ @updates

at the VMS prompt on Gavroche, and everything should be updated at once. The whole updating process can take from a minute to several hours, depending and what needs to be done. If there is no new level zero file since the last update, all it will do is recreate new plots for the current date. In case no update was made for several months, then the pointing of all the full resolution 195Å images will be recomputed, and this will take a while. In this case, I suggest that you run it overnight. After the process is complete (it should display a few FTP transfers and return to the VMS prompt), go to the pointing, offset and degradation pages to check that the plots were correctly updated. The date should be the current date. On both plots, the measured data are represented by crosses, and the fitted values by red solid lines. Make sure that the red lines go well trough the data. Please contact me in case you notice some obvious discrepencies, it probably means there is something wrong in the code.


How to update the list of bakeouts

After each bakeout, you have to manually update the function on Gavroche (it will be copied to the archive in the proper SolarSoft directory when you will run the full update as described above). Open this file in a text editor:

$ eve eit_disk:[eit.anal]

and add the starting and ending date of the latest bakeout. If you did not record them yourself, get the correct starting and ending times from the EIT operator. For example, after the october 2001 bakeout, the planner added one element to the "on" array that contains the starting dates:

on = [ '23-may-1996 19:21', '23-jun-1996 19:10', '23-jul-1996 15:48', $
  '05-aug-1996 18:50', '20-feb-1997 21:57', '09-aug-1996 15:05', $
  '06-sep-1996 19:49', '19-dec-1996 13:14', '03-jan-1997 21:50', $
  '21-mar-1997 14:26', '18-jul-1997 13:30', '28-nov-1997 23:00', $
  '20-mar-1998 16:35', '10-apr-1998 22:00', '18-jun-1998 21:58', $
  '24-jun-1998 23:10', '21-dec-1998 17:26', '04-feb-1999 17:25', $
  '22-may-1999 15:20', '31-may-1999 13:30', '08-oct-1999 20:23', $
  '29-oct-1999 21:41', '04-feb-2000 21:00', '17-jun-2000 03:49', $
  '08-sep-2000 21:42', '16-feb-2001 22:31', '10-may-2001 22:49', $
  '15-jun-2001 21:00', '31-Aug-2001 16:00', '03-oct-2001 19:01']

Do the same for the "off" aray with the ending date. When you are done, notify your modifications in the header with something like:

; Updated : 11-Dec-2001. F. Auchere

And remember to try to keep this source file good looking : respect the existing alignments, etc.


It may happen that you get a Permission denied error message during the FTP transfer of one of the files. This can occur if somebody modified their writing permissions. In this case, log in to umbra as eit, and change the permissions with

chmod g+w filename

to make them writeable by members of the eitweb group. Here is the list of the files transfered via FTP along with their corresponding location:

File name Location $SSW/soho/eit/idl/util $SSW/soho/eit/idl/util $SSW/soho/eit/idl/util
pointing.gif /service/htdocs/eit/eit_guide/pictures
offset.gif /service/htdocs/eit/eit_guide/pictures
degradation.gif /service/htdocs/eit/eit_guide/pictures


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