EIT Data Rights Policy

Revised version, 1998 March 10

Note: The EIT Principal Investigator, Dr. Jean-Pierre Delaboudinière, asks that any comments, suggestions, &c. on this document be directed to him. (1998 March 10)
The EIT Consortium desires to insure the widest possible access to and analysis of EIT data. The Consortium members feel that the rights of the team members whose dedication and expertise made the instrument a reality were adequately protected during the first two years of EIT science operations. All EIT data are therefore accessible to any investigator who has registered a data analysis proposal that does not materially overlap with an existing proposal.

  1. The EIT WWW catalog interface may be used to search for and download any "Level Zero" EIT FITS files.

  2. Any capable investigator may at any time register an analysis effort involving EIT data for a specific investigation by submitting a short (about one-half page) proposal via the World-Wide Web. Proposals may include the name of a Consortium team member with whom the investigator proposes to work. If no Consortium member is designated, then the accepted proposal may be assigned a team member with whom the proposer should work to assure expert advice on the use of the data, rather than presupposing automatic coauthorship on eventual publications. (Note that "analysis effort" in this case refers specifically to work leading to a talk/poster delivered at a scientific conference and/or publication in a refereed journal. Data may be downloaded for inspection and preliminary evaluation without registering an analysis proposal.)

  3. An investigator registering a new EIT analysis proposal should check the list of existing EIT analysis proposals to check for possible overlap. If such overlap exists and cannot be resolved by discussion between the proposer and the lead investigator on the existing proposal, the proposer should contact one of the EIT Data Use Coordinators (EDUCs) or the Principal Investigator to help resolve the situation.

  4. Investigators whose data analysis proposals are registered by this mechanism will retain exclusive rights to the proposed analysis (though not to use of the data sets for other purposes) for up to one year after acceptance, but only if they inform the Consortium and the SOHO community of their progress by updating the status of their proposal at least once every six months.

  5. Use of EIT images for public education efforts is strongly encouraged and requires no express authorization. It is requested, however, that any such use properly attribute the source of the images as, "The SOHO EIT Consortium; SOHO is a joint ESA-NASA program."

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