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At the end of 2010 July, SOHO's Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (EIT) completed fourteen and a half years of synoptic observations of the low corona. SDO AIA images at much higher resolution and time cadence are now available for all the EIT wavebands, and three other EUV wavelengths as well. The telemetry bandwidth that has been used by EIT will be used by LASCO to improve the cadence of its observations of the fastest CME's. EIT will continue to obtain a couple of "synoptic sets" of images in all four wavelengths per day to track detector behavior, and to maintain the uniform data set. This, and other changes in SOHO instrument operations, are part of the transition to the "Bogart" phase of the SOHO mission — designed to get the maximum science out of the mission at the minimum cost to NASA's shrinking Heliophysics Mission Operations and Data Analysis (MO&DA) budget.

EIT data will continue to be available via the Virtual Solar Observatory and here.

We suggest that users desiring to download EIT data try the Virtual Solar Observatory. (Click on "Solar Data Analysis Center, NASA/Goddard" in parentheses, then "Solar and Heliospheric Observatory," and finally in the check box next to "EIT." Enter the date and time range of your search using the pull-down menus at the top of the page, and click "search.")

Note to PC/Windows Users:

We have found that the product PKZIP works successfully in unpacking our gzipped tar files (.tar.gz). People who use WINZIP report problems with byte swapping of the data unless they select the:

Option -> Configuration -> miscellaneous

menu, and then uncheck "TAR file smart CR/LF conversion."

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