EIT Images of the E limb events of 1996/10/19 - 10/20
Another zipper event

Note: All these data are preliminary, unpublished, and not for formal, scientific attribution.

If you wish to analyze EIT data, please see the EIT data rights policy.

All images are in Fe XII 195 Å.

Click on the thumbnails for a 512 x 512 pixel representation of the full-field, 195 Å image.

Fe XII 195 Å filament activation/arcade reconnection

13:00 UT15:00 UT17:00 UT

19:03 UT21:00 UT23:00 UT

01:00 UT05:00 UT08:55 UT

Click on the thumbnails for 512 x 512, 2 x 2 (on-chip) binned GIF images.

[GIF movie icon] A GIF movie of the EIT Fe XII 195 Å, full-frame images for 1996 October 19 01:05 - October 20 10:58 UT.
The first event (starting at ~ 1996/10/19 13:00 UT) shows a large, eruptive prominence extending to ~ 0.25 solar radii above the SE limb at 17:00 UT. That is, the filament material is still "cool" (absorbing 195 A) some 2 hours after the beginning of the event --- if not more, since this event looks as though it involves the S polar crown filament on the back side of the Sun. In other words, a lot like the earthward-directed CME of 1997 February 7, but ~ 130° farther E. In this case, we also see a "zipper" (of reconnection?) at the S edge of the close coronal field (i.e., the N edge of the S polar hole) similar to that observed on 1996 September 25.

Also worthy of note is the faint, apparently loop emission feature that looks as though it is just behind the erupting prominence in the 17:00 UT image. (All these features are more obvious in the half-resolution [512 x 512] originals than in the smaller movie or thumbnail representation of the images.

A second, smaller event on the NE limb occurs between 1996/10/20 05:00 and 08:55 UT: what looks like an active EFR on the limb, with a small loop emerging from it, suddenly has an open, dark area above it.

  1. The SE-NW extension of the filament channel toward the W limb begins to show a brightening arcade in the 1997 February 6 22:38 UT image.

  2. Changes in the polar crown filament channel can be seen from at least 1997 February 7 00:12 UT.

  3. There is a brightening, perhaps connected with an Eward eruptive event, near the E end of the south polar crown filament channel visible starting in the 1997 February 7 01:48 UT image.

In case it isn't obvious, this is really preliminary and may well be wrong, partially or totally. So exercise a little rational thought before accepting anything said on this page.
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