April 7, 1997 CME

April 7, 1997 CME

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SOHO/EIT was running a high-cadence (14 minutes average) campaign of full-field full-resolution 195 Å images on April 7, 1997.

GOES X-ray flux showing flare at around 14:00 UT.

195 Å images of the event

Animated gif of the event(490 kB)

Running difference images of the event

Animated gif of running difference images(642 kB)

Sequential ratio images of the event (logarithmic running differences)

The distance (km) of the leading edge of the shock - the initial speed was approximately 318 km/sec, while the average speed was 226 km/sec. The speeds were measured in the image plane.

In each EIT image showing the event, regions could be identified as areas of enhanced emission due to the shock. Seven regions were outlined and tracked for changes in intensity. The intensity variations are included on a separate page.

Intensity variations from the shock wave

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