April 7, 1997 CME

April 7, 1997 CME

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The distance (km) of the leading edge of the shock - the initial speed was approximately 318 km/sec, while the average speed was 226 km/sec. The speeds were measured in the image plane.

Various regions were identified in the data as rapidly evolving in intensity. Regions 4,5,6 and 7 (identified below) show the shock at different stages.

Region 1 195 Å 13:28 UT Region 1 flux
Region 2 195 Å 13:28 UT Region 2 flux
Region 3 difference, 14:12 UT Region 3 flux
Region 4 difference, 14:12 UT Region 4 flux
Region 5 difference, 14:21 UT Region 5 flux
Region 6 difference, 14:35 UT Region 6 flux
Region 7 difference, 15:06 UT Region 7 flux

Plot of the flux in region2 minus the flux in region1

Total flux over the entire image minus the flux in region1

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