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Version 1.2 available now

In keeping with our motto, "It's only ones and zeroes," click on the right-hand thumbnail, above, for a closer look at our new logo.


VSO 1.2

2005 May 20: Try a search with the current release version of the VSO. Different user interfaces allow searches of all participating data services by:

Please try it and let us know what you think.

Note: In keeping with the virtual nature of the VSO, clicking on any of the VSO search links above can take you to any working, public instance of the VSO. All should work the same, however, and all have the same access to the metadata from all the current data services.


Applications programming interfaces for the VSO 1.2 are available in Perl, Java, and C/C++ at our API documentation page. Check there for our WSDL description as well.

Presentations at the 2005 Spring AGU/SPD meeting

VSO talks and posters at the New Orleans meeting (PDF format):

Data Model

The current version of the data model is 1.8 (updated 2005 May 20).

VSO BoF sessions

Records of previous VSO Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are now kept on our BoFs page.

VSO resources (other VSO sites, etc.)

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