[Denomination detail from foreign banknote] Solar research opportunities


The omnibus NASA Research Announcement
Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences - 2012 (ROSES-2012) is available via the NSPIRES system.

Among the ROSES programs of interest to the solar physics community are:

Program "element" Step-1 or NOI
Heliophysics Guest Investigators Not solicited this year See Solar and Heliospheric Science
(SR&T), below
Heliophysics Theory Not solicited this year
Living With a Star Targeted Research and Technology 2012 December 14 2013 February 22
Living With a Star Targeted Research and Technology: Strategic Capability 2012 December 14 2013 February 22
Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements 2012 May 11 2012 July 20
Solar and Heliospheric Science (SR&T) (ROSES-2012) 2012 March 16 (Step 1) 2012 May 18

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