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1997 December 01 (C6.6)

A GOES C6.6 solar flare occurred on 1997 December 1 at an H-alpha location of N20E19 (heliographic coordinates). The soft X-ray flux began at 13:23 (48180 s), peaked at 13:31 (48660 s), and ended at 13:35 (48900 s) UT (GOES Geophysical Data Web Site). OSSE received a BATSE transient trigger at 48448 s but, because the source position calculated on-board was outside the acceptance window for a solar source, OSSE did not respond except to alter some data collection parameters. However, because the Sun was in the region of sky covered by the current celestial observations, it was fortunately within 1 degree of a detector axis during the period of emission.

No significant emission was observed. An estimated 2-sigma upper for the >50 keV fluence during one ~131 s data accumulation interval (48393-48525 s) is 1 photon cm-2. Count rate time profiles in various energy windows at a temporal resolution of ~16 s are shown in Figure 1. We do not show a count spectrum.

Figure 1

Last revised: 11 Dec 1997