SOHO Sees Right Through the Sun

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Click on thumbnails for QuickTime animations (These give a crude idea of how the clips in the NASA video file will appear.)

When MPEG versions are available, click on the MPEG icon.

Video clips

QT animation of an active region on far side rotating
to near side, where a coronal mass ejection occurs
(3.6 Mbyte)
(Real data) Animation showing solar rotation of
absolute longitudinal magnetic features, as measured
by SOHO MDI, plus the holographic image
(sound speed features) from the far side (29 Mbyte)
(Real data) Animation showing solar rotation of
Sunspots and related features (SOHO MDI
"intensitygrams;" 6.7 Mbyte)
Animation showing "ray tracing" of the paths of
the sound waves used to image the farside of the
Sun (1.5 Mbyte)


TBS three-panel image, showing absolute magnetic field
strength of the same feature (upper left) one half
solar rotation before, and (upper right)one half
solar rotation after the (below, center)holographically
imaged farside region (69 Kbyte JPEG)
Also available as a higher-resolution TIFF image (14.7 Mbyte)
Geometry for the holographic imaging of far-side solar
features (JPEG file, 66 Kbyte; a TIFF version [5.1 Mbyte] is
also available.)

For much more information on the SOHO mission, try the SOHO home page.

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