First EIT images from
SOHO gyroless operations
1999 February 2 - 3

Fe XII 195 Å EIT synoptic set

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SOHO was returned to gyroless, roll maneuver wheels (RMW) mode operation on Saturday, 1999 January 30. On Monday, 1999 February 1, a stationkeeping maneuver was performed, and on Tuesday, 1999 February 2, the spacecraft was placed in normal mode --- all without gyros.

After an initial image was obtained, the AOCS experts recentered the solar image by restoring the original FPSS offsets.

Happy Groundhog Day!

And now.... the first EIT eruptive prominence in gyroless mode

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1999 February 3 12:10 - 21:19 UT

Both movies are roughly 180 Kbyte in size and show a 450,000 km x 450,000 km area on the Sun's northwest limb.
Check out the NASA Goddard press release on "SOHO Gets Back to Work."

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