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Links to solar physics Web resources of general interest.
Sun-earth day, an opportunity for teachers and students to explore Sun-earth connections through eclipse- and transit-related activities.

SOHO Explore

The SOHO Explore page includes Ask Dr. SOHO, lesson plans, posters, a SOHO glossary, and more links.
The Sun Today features narrated media that discuss current solar events.

SDO Outreach

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory outreach resources include activities for families and educators, a dedicated Facebook page, and the amazing space weather adventures of Camilla Corona SDO.

The Lockheed/MSU YPOP pages go primetime

The Lockheed Martin Palo Alto ATC/Montana State University Yohkoh Public Outreach Project (YPOP) Web site features movies, educational resources, and links to other solar sites.

RHESSI outreach

The RHESSI group at NASA Goddard has extensive outreach pages about solar flares and the RHESSI mission.
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