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The Transition Region And Coronal Explorer Small Explorer (SMEX) was launched on 1998 April 1 (really).

[HESSI logo] High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI)

Solar-B mission concept

Read the ISAS/NASA Solar-B mission concept document for a discussion of the scientific objectives of, and the arguments for US participation in, the next Japanese solar mission.

STEREO solar-terrestrial probe concept

Read the STEREO fact sheet for a discussion of the status of the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory mission concept and some of its salient features.

HIgh Resolution X-ray Explorer

Read the [New] HIREX fact sheet for a description of a mission concept featuring tunable X-ray imagers.

Solar Connections

NASA's Space Physics Division is ``embarking on a new voyage of discovery and exploration to characterize our space environment,'' the Solar Connections program.

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