LASCO Activity Report for
November 6, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: S. Plunkett, K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.

Points Of Interest

Another slue of sungrazing Kreutz comets discovered over the weekend.

SOHO Number    Date        Time     Tel.  Discoverer
   219      1997/10/08    0828-0953  C2   X. Leprette 
   220      1997/10/08    1747-1820  C2   M. Oates
   221      2000/11/04    1118-2050 C2,C3 M. Boschat  in Real-Time Data!
   222      1997/10/17    0420-0626  C2   M. Oates
   223      1997/10/20    0534-0729  C2   M. Oates
   224      1997/10/21-22 2252-0008  C2   M. Oates
   225      1997/10/26    2041-2211  C2   M. Oates
   226      1997/10/26    2041-2133  C2   M. Oates 
   227      1997/10/27    1609-1704  C2   M. Oates
   228      2000/11/05    1526-1626  C2   D. Biesecker in Real-Time Data!


03:50 UT  N Pole	Faint blob ejection, rough LE, small.

18:26 UT  NN East	Loop front event starts.  Develops to FULL HALO
			event.  Bright symetrical front continued outflow.
			HALO determined BACKSIDED!!
                21:50:06 UT C2 Running Difference Image. 

19:50 UT  NN East	A second front appears behind the first.  Separate
			event.  Bright loop front.


01:50 UT  S West	Bright loop front. Large CME event.  Symetrical
			front with large continued outflow.
                02:50:05 UT C2 Running Difference Image. 
                C2 Running Difference Movie Of Event. 

08:06 UT  N Pole	Helmet front, rough slow.  Multiple interior
			looping.  Continued outflow.
                11:26:05 UT C2 Running Difference Image. 

17:26 UT  S East	Jet, narrow, fast.


03:50 UT  N East	Jet, bright LE.

08:26 UT  NN East	Jet, rough LE, faint.

09:50 UT  N Pole	Front with rough LE, wide.  Disipates quickly.
			Continued outflow.

12:06 UT  S East	Bright jet-like event, very fast.
                12:50:05 UT C2 Running Difference Image. 

16:06 UT  N East	Faint jet.

22:06 UT  SS West	Loop front, rough LE, small.


02:26 UT  S West	Faint CME, small, narrow.

17:06 UT  S West	Rough LE event, small, disipates quickly.

17:50 UT  West Limb	Bright front, narrow LE. Continued outflow.
			Jet-like event.

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