LASCO Activity Report for
September 27, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: S. Plunkett, K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.

Points Of Interest

None Today...


01:27 UT  N Pole	Faint jet-like CME.

12:50 UT  S East	Bright front, rough LE, sizeable.

18:26 UT  N West	Narrow defined jet, bright.

18:50 UT  West Limb	Bright loop front event.  Bright core with
			narrow structure.


00:50 UT  N West	Large bright loop front CME event.
			PA 280-60 degrees wide.  May be considered
			a partial HALO CME.
	02:26:05 UT C2 Running Difference Image.   

03:26 UT  NN West	Bright blob front event.  Very fast,
			Speeds at 1039 km/second @ PA 320 degrees.
	03:50:05 UT C2 Running Difference Image.  

06:06 UT  S Pole	Slow moving faint front, rough LE.
			probable filament related event.

		07:00 - 8:15 UT  Temporary DSN data gap.

09:50 UT  S East	Bright jet-like CME, small. Disapates quickly.

		12:00 -  Temporary DSN data gap.

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