LASCO Activity Report for
September 18, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: S. Plunkett, K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.


00:26 UT  N East	Jet, narrow.

05:26 UT  N West	Rising loops over limb. Multiple loop
			event, slow moving, faint.
			Filament related CME.  No apparent time
			of emission.  	

11:50 UT  SS West	Full Halo CME event.  Faint front probably
			associated with the C9.5 x-ray flare from 
			AR 9165 near disk center.  Speeds 377 km/sec.

13:37 UT  N East	Jet.

15:06 UT SS West	Full HALO CME event.  Another faint front 
			which again probably associated to an M2 
			x-ray flare of AR 9165.  Speeds averaged at
			467 km/second.

18:26 UT  N West	CME? Rough LE with CME likenesses.  The Rising
			loops above the N West limb erupts and area
			is cleaned out.

19:27 UT  N East	Jet, rough LE.

21:50 UT  S West	HALO CME event.  Another faint front probably
			associated with flare from AR 9165. 482 km/sec.

23:26 UT  N East	Jet	


05:26 UT  S West	HALO CME event.  Very large eruption with 
			Bright front. Associated with the M5.9 x-ray flare
			of AR 9165. Speeds at 720 km/second.

09:06 UT  N East	Jet.

09:50 UT  SS East	Jet.

10:26 UT  N East	Jet.

16:26 UT  N East	Jet.


09:06 UT  S East	Small slow ejecta, blob.

23:50 UT  West Limb	Bright front event, slow, sizeable.


02:50 UT  N East	Jet.

03:26 UT  SS East	More jets.

08:26 UT  West Limb	Bright front with trailing loops, arcade.
			160 degrees wide.

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