LASCO Activity Report for
July 27, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: S. Plunkett, K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.


26-Jul-2000     00:30   SW      Loop or arcade with material ahead at
                                about 23:30.
26-Jul-2000     02:54   NW      Ragged front with bright linear structure.
26-Jul-2000     09:54   E       Material ejected.
27-Jul-2000     07:31   E       Ragged loop front, with bright twisted
                                material near equator.
27-Jul-2000     07:54   S       Faint cloud of material. Maybe part of
                                E limb event?

Web curator: K.M.Schenk
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Solar Physics Branch / Code 682
Greenbelt, MD 20771