LASCO Activity Report for
June 28, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: S. Plunkett, K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.

Point of Interest

Planet Venus in C3 field from West side, as of 5/17.


00:54 UT  SS West	Bright front, narrow CME.  Continued outflow.

02:06 UT  N Pole	Narrow defined jet.

08:54 UT  N West	Faint slow loop front over limb.  Probable
			filament/prominence event.

10:31 UT  N Pole	Very fast, very large loop front CME, wide!
                C2 11:30:05 UT Running Difference Image.
                C2 Running Difference Movie Of Event.

13:31 UT  S East	Faint front CME. Wide shifting event (PA 98-185 deg)
			Slow moving, possibly filament related.

15:30 UT  N East	Narrow defined jet.

17:06 UT  N West	Fast jet-like CME, rough LE

19:54 UT  N West	Fast jet-like CME, rough LE. Followed previous event.

21:54 UT  N West	Faint front, difuse LE.  Very complex event, possible
			multiple CMEs with twisting structures.
                C2 23:30:05 UT Running Difference Image.


05:54 UT  N West	Difuse front, faint event, small, material.

10:54 UT  N East	Narrow jet, fast, faint.

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