LASCO Activity Report for
May 5, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.

Point of Interest

Planet Jupiter in C3 field from East side, as of 4/27 08:00 UT.
Planet Saturn in C3 field of view from East side as of 5/1 12:00 UT.
Planet Mercury in C3 field of view from West side as of 5/2 12:42 UT.


01:26 UT  SS West	Large event started during data gap.
			Twisted structure with jet traveling over 
			South pole.  Continued outflow.

04:26 UT  West Limb	Rough LE multiple event.  2nd event at 05:26 UT
			with large emission and twisted structure.
			At 08:26 UT a 3rd event follows behind.
			At 10:26 UT a 4th event follows with a defined
			jet-like CME.

08:50 UT  N West	Faint front event, rough LE.

11:46 UT  S West	Partial HALO CME. Large loop front CME. 
			with S Western projection. Very fast.
			Position angle 165-310 degrees wide. Due to 
			M7 flare just over West limb.

14:06 UT  S West	Another jet-like CME from same area.

16:50 UT  S West	Another CME same area.

19:13 UT  NN West	Large bright helmet shaped front.  Interior 
			structures with continued outflows.

21:26 UT  S West	Fast narrow jet.

23:50 UT  S West	Slow event. Probably prominence related.


01:50 UT  S East	Fast jet.

07:50 UT  NN West	Slow emission of elevated material over limb.
			Very large filament related event CME.

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