LASCO Activity Report for
April 18, 2000 SOHO Science Daily Meeting

Planner: K. Schenk

Event times are first frame seen in C2 camera unless otherwise noted.


03:30 UT  SS East	Faint CME with rough LE, continued outflow.

11:06 UT  SS West	Bright front CME.  Rough LE with flux rope
			structure behind.

15:30 UT  West Limb	Loops rise over limb with slow emission and
			breaks free @19:31 UT. Continued outflow.


02:30 UT  SS East	Narrow jet.

08:30 UT  N Pole	Faint CME, wide loop.

09:54 UT  N East	Bright CME, fast.

12:30 UT  N Pole	Wide loop.

14:54 UT  N Pole	Another helmet shaped loop event.

14:54 UT  SS West	Large event. Bright loop front with

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