EIT Data Corresponding to Magnetic Cloud Events

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Possible WIND Magnetic Cloud Events, compiled by Ron Lepping:

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Possible earth-directed CME observed 7 February 1997 (estimated arrival time: 18 UT on the 10th of February)
Yohkoh dimming at CME onset associated with the eruption (from N. Gopalswamy and H. Hudson)
ISTP January 6-11, 1997 CME/Magnetic Cloud event home page
ISTP April 7-11, 1997 CME/Geospace home page

Upcoming work:

EIT Observations

January 1997 Magnetic Cloud:

May Magnetic Cloud:

July Magnetic Cloud:

    EIT 304 Å He II June 23-25 1996 Eruptive Filament
    Filament runs East-West and is situated in the northeast

    EIT 195 Å Fe XII Images for June 23 and 25 - is that a slight dimming in 195 where the filament erupted? It's difficult to tell - there is a slight decrease, but it could be the effect of solar rotation and a different line-of-sight. There are no other EIT images available during this period.

    GOES X-ray flux for 22-June through 25-June 1996

    GOES X-ray flux for 25-June through 28-June 1996

August Magnetic Cloud:

    EIT 304 Å He II July 31 - August 02 1996 Eruptive Filament

    GOES X-ray flux for 29-July through 1-August 1996

    GOES X-ray flux for 1-August through 4-August 1996

December Magnetic Cloud:

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