EIT Consortium
Calibration and Science
Research Topics

  1. EIT calibrations and enhancements (C&E)

    Team Representatives: Catura, Clette, Defise, Newmark

  2. Morphology and evolution of loops in the corona (quiescent features)

    Science Representatives: Lemen, Maucherat

  3. Signatures of coronal heating

    Science Representatives: Delaboudinière, Neupert

  4. Sources of the solar wind and interplanetary disturbances

    Science representatives: Catura, Thompson

  5. Properties of He II emission and structures

    Science representative: Delaboudinière

  6. Properties and evolution of the large scale corona

    Science Representatives: Clette, Michels

  7. EUV proxies and EUV source modeling

    Science representatives: Cugnon, Neupert

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