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Scaling laws, i.e. simple relations between fundamental properties
of quai-steady coronal loops, have been theoretically postulated
and partly tested using Skylab data two decades ago. Recently
Yohkoh has provided stringent tests of such scaling laws for
high-temperature loops. We propose to extend tests of scaling laws
to lower temperatures, but also to directly confirm Yohkoh results
at higher temperatures. In this manner we can check whether the
same scaling laws apply to all loops, or if cooler loops exhibit
different dependences between their various parameters.

We propose to use CDS data to determine the temperature and
density of the loops. The length of the loops may also be
determined from the CDS rasters, if the loops are completely
seen on them. EIT images (of the three spectral lines of iron)
will give us additional information on the loop's temperature and
will enable to determine the loop length precisely. They will also
give us informtaion on the evolution of the observed active region
during the time of the CDS raster. Finally, the use of MDI
magnetograms will help in finding the exact position of the
loop's footpoints.

J. Gurman


Coronal Loops

Coronal loops

Empirical scaling laws for a range of temperatures

update added on 1998/03/05 at 05:05:35
Up to now we worked on coalignment of CDS, EIT, MDI and SXT
data. Later, we'll try to determine loop length, density
and loop's temperature.

update added on 2004/09/20 at 09:50:16

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