Thank you for your interest in SOHO EIT data analysis.

Proposal ID Mukherjee_264

Date of Proposal Aug 19 2002



Jawaharlal Nehru University

Dr.Saumitra Mukherjee, Associate Professor
School of Environmental Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Delhi-110067




Earth directed Coronal Mass Ejection data will be correlated with the changes in Kp values, electron flux, proton flux on a particular latitude of the earth. Correlation will be attemopted to establish the triggering of earthquake during direct hit of CME and deviation of cloud ,occurrence of tornado during glance of CME to earths magnetosphere.
A change in pixel values of high resolution satellite images will be monitored during the change in the above environmental parameters.

I am ready to work with any Scientist of NASA/ESA or any University of USA or Europe.


Coronal Mass Ejection


Detection of change in earth-environment during CME

update added on 2003/01/14 at 13:42:08
Sufficient work is done on my theme and publications are also done. Forthcomming International Workshop on Detection of change in earth-environment during CME will be organised at IIT Kanpur India. Previously NASA organised Symposium on Living with a Star. In that Symposium my paper on similar topic was accepted.

update added on 2003/01/16 at 11:15:47
Initially the Mukherjee's Hypothesis was unbelievable. Now a number of world class Scientists are ready to collaborate on "SUNSPOT-EARTHQUAKE-PREDICTION"

update added on 2004/04/04 at 08:34:56

Dr.Saumitra Mukherjee,Associate Professor,School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University,New Delhi-110067,INDIA
Convener 3rd World Water Forum 16-24 March 2003(JAPAN)
Organiser "SOHO day " on 18th March 2004 in Japan
Member Saturn Observation Campaign 2002-2003-2004, NASA, USA
Educator AIAA, USA
Convener ,Hydrological Sciences 1st European Geosciences Association, 25-30 April 2004 NICE, France

1.Mukherjee. S.(2003). Triggering of Gujarat earthquake due to change in Kp and Electron flux induced by Sun. Proc. Internat.Workshop on Earth System processes related to Gujarat earthquake using Space Technology, pp 117.
2. Mukherjee S. ( 2003) . Security implications of Climate Change in Indian National Security, Annual Review. Pp 196-209. India Research Press.

3.S.Mukherjee (2001).Space based early warning System to understand Seismotectonics GSI spl. Pub . No.65 (II) , 2001: 39-44
4.Seismogenic potentiality of Delhi using remote sensing , soil geochemistry and geophysical data. Res.Highlights in Earth System Sciences. DST's special Vol.2 on "Seismicity (ed.O.P. Varma) Published by Indian Geological Congress., 2001, pp 289-297

5.S.Mukherjee with A. Mukherjee (2002). Coronal Mass Ejection may increase ozone hole, Astronomical notes volume 323 (Accepted) .

6. S.Mukherjee with A. Mukherjee (2002). CHANGE IN MAGNETIC FIELD: AN EARLY WARNING SYSTEM TO UNDERSTAND SEISMOTECTONICS, Astronomical notes volume 323
7.S. .Mukherjee(2002)-UV-B flux increase during Coronal Mass Ejection .TIGER 4th (Virtual) Thermospheric/Ionospheric Geospheric Research (TIGER) Symposium on Long-term measurement of solar EUV/UV fluxes for thermospheric/ionospheric modelling and for space weather investigations website Workshop on Internet.

8.S. Mukherjee (1996), Targeting Saline Aquifer by Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods in a Part of Hamirpur-Kanpur, India. Hydrology Journal. Vol. XIX, No.1, p53-p64

9.S.Mukherjee (1997): Change in Groundwater environment with land-use pattern in a part of south Delhi: A remote sensing approach. Jour. Asia- Pacific Remote sensing and GIS journal Vol.9, No.2 Jan.1997. pp 9-14

10.S.Mukherjee (1998).Occurrence of Nb-Ta bearing minerals in Jorasemar area District Hazaribagh Bihar. Indian Journal of Geochemistry) Vol.13.No1 June 1998.

11.S.Mukherjee (1999).Microzonation of Seismic and Landslide prone areas for alternate Highway Alignment in a part of Western Coast of India using Remote sensing techniques. Vol.27,Issue (1).Jour.Ind.Soc. of Remote sensing.

12. S.Mukherjee (2002): Irratic Monsoon.Jour. Geography and You Vol.2 No.7 pp11-18

13. S.Mukherjee (2004): Sun-Earth connection influences climatic variations. INDOCLIM, International Workshop on Role of Indian Ocean in Climate Variability over India February 23-27, 2004 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology Pune 411008, India, pp 159

14. Mukherjee.S.(2003)Security threat in Indian Climate , Edited by Satish Kumar, Indian Security Press
15.S.Mukherjee (2003).Role of Remote sensing and GIS techniques for generation of ground water prospect zones towards rural development-an approach. Volume 24, Number 5/March 10, 2003, International Journal of Remote sensing , Taylor Francis pp 993-1008

16.S.Mukherjee (2002), Forest fire risk zone mapping from satellite imagery and GIS, 4 (2002),1-10, International Journal of applied Earth observation, (Elsevier).

17. S.Mukherjee (2004)Improvement of groundwater quality in JNU New Delhi, India by rainwater harvesting during 1996-2003, Geophysical Research Abstract, Vol.6,00414,2004, S Ref-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU04-A-00414

18.S.Mukherjee etal.(2004)Econometrics of rainwater harvesting in Urban Delhi, Geophysical Research Abstract, Vol.6,00416,2004, S Ref-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU04-A-00416

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21. S.Mukherjee (2004) Identification of suitable rainwater harvesting structures by satellite data Geophysical Research Abstract, Vol.6,00410 ,2004, S Ref-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU04-A-00410

22. S.Mukherjee (2004) Sun -earth environment influences environmental flow Geophysical Research Abstract, Vol.6,00412 ,2004, S Ref-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU04-A-00412

23. S.Mukherjee (2004) Sedimentation study of Hirakud reservoir by remote sensing application. Geophysical Research Abstract, Vol.6,00420 ,2004, S Ref-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU04-A-00420

24.S.Mukherjee and Anup.K.Das (2002), Study of weathering and erosional status of basaltic rocks using remote sensing data.. Vol.30, No.3, 2002 pp 149-156, Journal Indian Society of Remote sensing.

update added on 2004/05/22 at 14:44:24
SUN EARTH connection is now well established. It is high time to fund this project proposal as the requirement of this research will require some seed money.

update added on 2004/09/27 at 21:10:55
Hi there!

Let me introduce myself!

I am a researcher who was involved in a long time research on earthquake prediction in Armenia in NSSP, then in a Georisk inc. Recently I was finished the analysis of the geophysical, seismological and geochemical precursors in Armenia. The results I've got from the research is very interesting. The precursors for the strong earthquakes are appears long time before main shock. (for example for Spitac 1988 M7.1 event the appear 4.5 months before earthquake). The very present of the precursors itself is not a prediction and it was long time before I jump from a branch of precursor to the prediction with a time location and intensity of the earthquakes. I was analyzing the data collected in Armenia for a 20 years and succeed(as it seems to me). The methodology I've developed for prediction is based only on data I've collected in Armenia, and I am really interested to spread the methodology in other regions, such as Japan, USA (California), Australia.

This is the reason I am writing this letter to you. I need close contact to the people in the same research field in that areas.

Please let me know if you are interested in a collaboration, and I am really appreciate the time you spend reading this message.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.


Armen Kazarian

phone 450 4420694

1789 St Georges Longueuil

PQ Canada. J4K4A3

update added on 2005/01/10 at 08:07:08
My proposal is accepted Globally. We are organising two sessions with European Geosciences Union on :
1.SM12.Sun-Earth connection triggers Earthquakes.
Convenor: S.Mukherjee
2.ST9.Solar and heliospheric influences on the Earth's ecosystem
Convener: Belehaki, A.
Co-Convener: Lilensten, J. Crosby, N. Füllekrug, M. Mukherjee, S.

I'd like to make you aware of the session at the coming EGU meeting SM12,
Sun-Earth connection triggers Earthquakes.
( (24 - 29 April 2005,
Vienna), which I am organizing. Please consider submitting an abstract to
session (before January 21!).

We hope to see you in Vienna in April,

Best wishes,
Saumitra Mukherjee, Ph.D
Department of Earth Ocean Sciences
The University of Liverpool
4, Brownlow Street

If Earthquake Prediction is not in the center of your work, I apologize
annoying you with this mail. If possible, please forward it to an
experimentalist in your office.

Thank you! S.M.

Deadline for abstract submission: January 21, 2005.
(see also


For general information:

Session Information:
It has been observed that there is a direct relationship in between Sunspots
and its emission with the triggering of earthquakes. Influence of Sun and
Moon can create a small amount of localised stress in the crust. It has been
found that some shallow thrust-fault earthquakes have been triggered by
tides. Location of Sunspots are changing which influences the location of
earthquakes also. Kp values, electron flux and Proton flux are observed to
changing 36 hours before the occurrence of earthquakes in the corresponding
geo coordinates. Observations on Thermosphere/Ionosphere/Atmosphere and Geo
sphere can be initiated to develop an early Warning System of earthquakes in
active areas.

update added on 2005/01/25 at 07:31:14
I am waiting for the funding for this project. I have submitted Project Proposal to ESA also:

Reference number: 5 Entry date: 25/01/2005 12:10


Contact person
First name: Dr.Saumitra Surname: Mukherjee
Institute: The University of Liverpool Email:
Address: Department of Earth Ocean Sciences
4,Brownlow Street
United Kingdom


Interest area: (other) Star -Sun-Earth Environment studies
Data Processing General: N/A
Proposed Years: 2006-2008 No. FTE : 6 months
Funding Probability: Possible Funding Status: under consideration


Star-Sun-Earth connection with our Environment is being established. This research has very high potential for future.


Star-Sun-Earth Environment Connection research will focus on the influence of Starflare (a 5th state of matter) on the Sun-earth environment. Sudden rise or fall in Kp, Eflux and P flux has been observed in SOHO satellite data. It was attempted to dray a correlation with these sun-earth environment fluctuations with the Thermospheric, Ionospheric, Atmospheric and Geospheric (TIGER)domain of the earth system. It was controvesial, some times correlation was possible otherwise failed. Influence of starflares were attempted as an external variable and it was found as a missing gap in this correlation. The proposed task will be as following: 1. Collect SOHO data and Starflare data on regular basis. 2. Correlate the TIGER parameter fluctuations simultaneously. 3. To develop an Environmental Forewarning System.

update added on 2005/02/29 at 07:09:31
As a convenor of European Geosciences Union I can say there is a tremendous success of my theme Detection of change in earth-environment during CME. Following are the Papers selected to be presented during EGU meeting from 24th to 29th April 2005:

ST9 Solar and heliospheric influences on the Earth's ecosystem

List of Accepted Contributions

Mukherjee, S Körtvélyessy, L
Sudden fluctuation in Kp triggers earthquakes and tectonics

Shumilov, O.I. Kasatkina, E.A. Morner, N.-A.
Possible influence of helio-geophysical factors on the realization of rockbursts.

Kamalian, N. Afshar, Gh.
Statistically study of correlation between PT axis of source of earthquakes and tidal effects

Sasorova, E.V. Levin, B.W. Zhuravlev, S.A.
The within-year variability in the earthquake distributions for some regions of the Earth.

Sasorova, E.V. Levin, B.W.
Detection of the nonrandom component in a seismic process for the Pacific region: the results of observation data analysis and computer-assisted simulations.

Shou, Z Harrington, D
Earthquake Vapor, a reliable precursor

Barkin, Yu.V. Ferrandiz, J.M. Ferrandez, M.G.
The Earth and the Moon elastic energies and their seismicity

Fischer, T. Kalenda, P. Skalsky, L.
Tidal Effects to Earthquake Swarms

Lucio, P. S.
Can solar activities influence extreme weather over continental Portugal? Stochastic contrasts of temperature and precipitation with sunspots and cosmic ray intensity.

Mukherjee, S Körtvélyessy, L
CME (5th state of matter) influences Environment of earth.

Mukherjee, A Mukherjee, S Körtvélyessy, L Attri, A.K.
Coronal mass ejection leads to lowering of rate of formation of polymerized actin –a platform for various vital cellular reactions.

Usoskin, I.G. Schuessler, M. Solanki, S.K. Mursula, K.
Solar Activity Indices and Earth's Temperature

Usoskin, I.G. Kovaltsov, G.A. Solanki, S.K.
On the Possible Solar Cosmic Ray Signal in Cosmogenic Isotope Data

Lukianova, R. Alekseev, G.
Long-term Correlation between NAO and solar Activity

Souza Echer, M.P. Echer, E. Rigozo, N.R. Nordemann, D.J.
Wavelet analysis of a centennial (1895-1994) rainfall series in Pelotas (southern Brazil) (withdrawn)

Tsagouri, I.
Modeling of the geomagnetic storm effects on the middle latitude ionosphere (withdrawn)

Hady, A.
Solar activity effects on the precipitation in the greater Cairo area during cycle 23

Mika, A. Haldoupis, C. Marshall, R. A. Neubert, T. Inan, U. S.
VLF perturbations and causative cloud-to-ground discharges observed during EuroSprite-2003 in association with sprites

Grimani, C. Vocca, H.
PHOEBUS: a proposal for solar physics on LISA

Zherebtsov , G.À. Kovalenko , V.À. Molodykh , S.I.
Analysis of solar variability influence on electric and climatic characteristics of high latitude troposphere

Buèík, R. Kudela, K. Bobík, P.
Transmisivity function of cosmic rays in the disturbed magnetosphere

Berg, P. Thejll, P. Christiansen, B.
The Climate Response to an Increased Solar Constant: A GCM study

Rozanov, E. Egorova, T. Schmutz, W. Peter, T.
Response of the Tropical Middle Atmosphere to the Solar Irradiance Variability During 28-Days Solar Rotation Cycle

Rozanov, E. Schraner, M. Egorova, T. Ohmura, A. Wild, M. Schmutz, W. Peter, T.
Response of the atmospheric chemistry and dynamics to the solar irradiance variability during 1975-2000 simulated with CCM SOCOL

Bochnicek, J. Hejda, P. Horacek, J. Nejedla, J.
Geoeffectivness of irregular events versus their location on the solar disc

Watermann, J. Rasmussen, O. Stauning, P. Gleisner, H.
Spatio-temporal characteristics of high-latitude geomagnetic variations

Enell, C.-F. Seppala, A. Verronen, P. Ulich, Th. Turunen, E.
Sprite-induced excited-state reactions studied by means of a coupled ion-neutral chemical model

Van der Velde, O. Soula, S. Knutsson, L. Neubert, T. Allin, T.
Total lightning activity associated with sprite events observed over France on 23 July and 28 August 2003

Lilensten, J. Belehaki, A.
The COST724 Action: Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, modeling and predicting Space Weather.

Ondraskova, A. Kostecky, P. Sevcik, S. Rosenberg, L. Kohut, I.
The model calculations of Schumann eigenmode frequencies and possible changes during Solar proton events

Gleisner, H. Thejll, P.
Response of tropospheric temperatures to solar variability detected in re-analysis, radiosonde, and MSU data

Gleisner, H. Watermann, J.
The roles of halo CMEs, solar energetic particle fluxes, and solar radio bursts in space weather forecasting

Belehaki, A. Cander, Lj. Zolesi, B. Bremer, J. Juren, C. Stanislawska, I. Dialetis, D. Hatzopoulos, M.
Nowcasting and forecasting ionospheric space weather over Europe: DIAS Project

Harrison, G.
Columnar resistance changes and cosmic ray ionisation

Plainaki, C. Mavromichalaki, H. Belov, A. Eroshenko, E. Yanke, V.
The recent ground level enhancement of solar cosmic rays in January 2005

Velinov, P. Mateev, L.
Determination of Galactic and Solar Cosmic Ray Influences on the Earth's Atmosphere

Velinov, P. Tassev, Y.
Combined Influences of Solar Energetic Particles and Geomagnetic Storms on the Stratospheric Ozone Profiles

Seppälä, A. Verronen, P. T. Kyrölä, E. Hassinen, S. Tamminen, J. Sofieva, V. Backman, L. Hauchecorne, A. Bertaux, J. L. Fussen, D.
The long-term effects of the Oct/Nov 2003 SPEs on ozone in the polar winter atmosphere

Mavromichalaki, H. Plainaki, C. Mariatos, G. Belov, A. Eroshenko, E. Yanke, V. Baisultanova, L. Pchelkin , V.
Magnetospheric effects in cosmic rays during the unique magnetic storm in November 2003

Arnone, E. Arnold, N.F. Dinelli, B.M.
Solar induced perturbations in the middle atmosphere: is it just a matter of magnitude?

Messerotti, M. Chela Flores, J.
Solar Space Weather as a Factor in the Origin of the Biosphere

Ignaccolo, M Farges, T Blanc, E Fullekrug, M
Sprite thunder: automated sprite detection with infrasound recordings

Chanrion, O. Neubert, T.
Simulation of streamer initiation using a Particle in Cell code with Monte Carlo Collisions : Application to Sprite ignition.

Dudok de Wit, T. Lilensten, J. Aboudarham, J. Amblard, P.O. Kretzschmar, M.
Reconstructing the solar EUV spectrum from a small set of spectral lines

Results from the European Sprite2003 campaign

Johnson, V Moore, V
On the importance of initial conditions for the atmospheric response to solar particle events

Snegirev, S. Fridman, V. Sheiner, O.
About long-period Pulsations of Earth's magnetic Field before the powerful Flares

Panyutin, A. Fridman, V. Sheiner, O.
On the Reflection of solar Activity in the meteorological Parameters of the Surface Atmosphere

Lundstedt, H. Liszka, L. Lundin, R.
Long-term solar activity explored with wavelet methods

Stoev, A. Stoeva, P. Valev, D. Kiskinova, N. Tasheva, T.
Dynamics of the microclimatic parameters of the ground atmospheric layer during the total solar eclipse on August 11, 1999

Dorman, L. I.
Space weather influence on the Earth’s ecosystems: principles of great geomagnetic storms forecasting by on-line cosmic ray data using

Dorman, L. I.
Cosmic ray using for monitoring and forecasting of great radiation hazards for the Earth’s ecosystem

Dorman, L. I. Pustil'nik, L. A. Yom Din, G.
Space weather influence on the Earth's ecosystem and economic's state

update added on 2005/04/31 at 07:24:54
1.A book on "EARTHQUAKE PREDICTION" has been finalised using SOHO-EIT data. It will be published within July 2005.
2. Recieved letter from leading Scientist of NASA on my work

Dear Saumitra,

I would suggest that you submit it the Astrophysical Journal or Astronomy and Astrophysics. Those are the 2 main journals of the field, American and European respectively. They will give detailed responses from reviewers.

The Astrophysical Journal :
Astronomy and Astrophysics

C. Alex Young, Ph.D. email:
NASA-GSFC (L-3 Comm.) phone: (301) 286 4441 (work)
Building 26 Room G-1
(301) 286 0264
Mail Code 612.5
Greenbelt MD 20771

update added on 2005/10/08 at 14:21:21
My Hypothesis "Sun-Earth connection triggers Earthquakes"is accepted Globally. I am organising one invited session with European Geosciences Union on in its forthcomming Meeting of 2006.
This is the second time the Sun-Earth connection triggers Earthquakes topic has attracted global leading Earthquake Scientists.
On 8th October 2005 an Earthquake of 7.6 Richter Scale further proves this hypothesis. The Sunspot location within Sun is superimposible on North of Istambul, Pakistan Earthquake Epicenter location, which is an active fault.
The Hypothesis is proved more than 20 cases and the correlation can be given the name" Mukherjee's Sunspot-Earthquake Correlation".

update added on 2005/10/09 at 15:46:34
All this sounds like crackpot science!

update added on 2005/10/10 at 07:09:00
We can correlate the changes of earth environment with the changes in the sun. This is just a beginning of the understanding.

update added on 2005/10/11 at 04:00:42
Excellent Correlation done by Dr.S.Mukherjee on development of early warning of Earthquake and Tsunami. We have seen his work and his presentation in Geological Survey of India presentation, which has been published later in the special volume of GSI and is considered a valuable paper in Geological history of India.
Geological Survey of India

update added on 2005/10/11 at 09:13:08
I would like to draw your attention to our recently published paper "On signal-noise decomposition of time-series using the continuous wavelet transform: application to sunspot index", Monthly Notice of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 343 Issue 3 Page 725 - August 2003, which can be read here

or you can read the paper's reprint at

which is dealing with periodicities detection in the sunspot timeseries. It happens that I became aware of hints of your work and also of Prof. Mukherjee and I also share the same opinions as you about the possibility of solar activity influence on earth's seismicity, that gains some attention perhaps, and to my opinion deserves multi-disciplinary investigation, in which I hope I can find a way to contribute.

Further I would be grateful if you could send me a copy of your presentation "Is there any correlation between the sunspot activity and earthquakes?", R.K. Tiwari, S. Srilakshmi and V.K.Somvanshi, at the 2002 Gujarat workshop, as well as related publications of yours. Electronic version is ok, or else my postal address is:

Section of Astronomy, Astrophysics and Mechanics
Department of Physics
University of Athens
Panepistimiopolis Zografou 15784
Thank you in advance,

Best regards,

University of Athens

update added on 2005/10/11 at 13:29:29
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 05:46:19 PM RET

"Camilla Sarantaris" Add to Address Book Block Sender Allow Sender
Cc:,"Hans Thybo"
Subject: Invitation to act as convenor Allow Subject

Dear Dr. Mukherjee

We are in the process of final planning of the programme for seismology at EGU
2006. I would like to invite you as convenor of a symposium on

"Sun-earth connection triggers Earthquakes".

I hope that you will accept this invitation. Please reply as soon as possible to
all addresses on this email as I would like to finalize the programme before the
end of September.

Looking forward to a great meeting in Vienna in 2006,

best wishes, Hans

Hans Thybo
President of seismology, EGU
Professor of Geophysics,
Geological Institute
University of Copenhagen
Oester Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K
Phone +45 3532 2452 or 2455
Fax +45 3314 83 22

SM11 Sun-earth connection triggers Earthquakes
Convener: Mukherjee, S.
Public Links: Information, Organizer
For PC only: PC Session Form

update added on 2005/10/11 at 14:54:41
World Scientific says on "Sun-earth connection on Earthquakes"

World Scientific
Earthquake Prediction from Seismic Electrical Signals Dislocation Based Fracture
Mechanics ... Maunder Minimum and the Variable Sun-Earth Connection, The ... 32k- -Cached- Similar Pages

update added on 2005/10/11 at 15:05:44
Triggering of Gujarat Earthquake Due To
Change In Kp and Electron Flux Induced By Sun. - Saumitra Mukherjee ... - Similar pages

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