EIT activity report for
2010/06/14 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2010/06/1100:2402:12      FC activation; compact dimming;
emission fills in dimming area
@ (N70, CM)
2010/06/1105:3608:36   CME NE fast initial eruption followed
by broader fan; far side
2010/06/1106:1207:13   EPL NW compact prominence eruption
2010/06/1107:1307:48      dark FC appears, compact dimming
in BP @ (N16, W25); grown of BP
to NW of this one into AR 11081
begins to accelerate
2010/06/1115:4816:48  11078CME  bright, arcing jet on disk, followed
by dark feature continuing along arc
off limb
2010/06/1117:00   11081   dark jet toward WSW
2010/06/1118:0219:15      data gap
2010/06/1120:36  B411081   compact brightening on W edge of AR
2010/06/1120:3622:12      data gap
2010/06/1200:3600:48 M111081   compact eruption toward NW, in emission
2010/06/1201:1302:00   CME  dimming to NW, W of AR; dimming reaches
limb to N, ARs 11079, 11080 in S in just
over an hour; probable speed of 275 km/s
(wave is visible at least as far as CM in
STEREO Ahead EUVI images, 73° over limb
2010/06/1203:5004:24 C111081   compact loops on NW edge of AR brighten
2010/06/1206:0010:00   CME NE narrow event in emission from well over
possible prominence eruption
2010/06/1209:15  C611081   compact brightening on W edge of AR
2010/06/1209:2710:00  11081CME  dark spray toward WNW, followed by compact
dimming to NW of AR
2010/06/1215:4816:36   CMEWNW compact, initial event grows to usual
CME width
2010/06/1300:4801:36 C111081   compact brightening in W part of AR spreads
to central, eastern parts
2010/06/1301:3602:24  11081   FC activation N, NE, ENE of AR
2010/06/1302:2406:48      data gap (station? Hayabusa?)
2010/06/1306:4810:00   CME NW continuing eruption from prominence on limb
2010/06/1306:48   11079  SW also appears to have been CME on SW limb,
toward NW, possibly connected with AR 11081
2010/06/1314:4815:12   CME NE faint, narrow; far side
2010/06/1315:2416:12  11081   FC activation in NE part of AR, dimming
limbward of AR, CME on limb
2010/06/1317:3618:48      FC activation, eruption toward NW at
(N70, W35)

*See note on active region numbers.

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