EIT activity report for
2010/05/10 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2010/05/0614:2416:24   CME NE narrow; faint; far side
2010/05/0702:1202:24  11069   compact FC activation, arch formation
N of AR
2010/05/0707:36  C211069    
2010/05/0707:4808:24  11069CME NW much of loop system above AR erupts
2010/05/0722:3623:12      data gap
2010/05/0802:0003:24      FC dimming in roughly circular area
around (N24, E29)
2010/05/0805:0005:36 C911069   compact, low-lying loops
2010/05/0805:12   11069CME NW very fast event; adjact loops relaxing
by 05:24 UT
2010/05/0811:4812:00 C111069   compact loops
2010/05/0812:0012:12  11069EPL NW surges in absorption
2010/05/0812:0012:48  11069CME NW not as fast as earlier event
2010/05/0818:0018:12   CMEENE narrow, jetlike event toward ENE from
large BP @ (N22, E63)
2010/05/0818:4819:25  11069CME NW another very fast event
2010/05/0820:12  C211069    
2010/05/0820:1220:24  11069EPL NW bright ejecta toward W
2010/05/0820:1220:24  11069CME NW  
2010/05/0903:4805:24      FC activation @ (N30, E17)
2010/05/0909:1209:24      absorption jet toward E from BP
@ (N22, E44)
2010/05/0915:1215:48   CME NW slow opening of AR loops on limb
2010/05/0920:4822:00   CME NW  
2010/05/0922:3623:12      data gap

*See note on active region numbers.

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