EIT activity report for

Planner: K.M. Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2010/03/1805:4806:36 B411056  NE small flare, AR now at [N17,E33]
2010/03/1811:1212:00   CME NE cme from [N26E31] w/trans dimming between
AR at N22E04 resulted in small S EIT wave
2010/03/1812:4813:13 B711054CME NE w/post arcade
2010/03/1814:2414:48 B511054CME NE  
2010/03/1817:0018:00   CME NW dimming of area at [N17W22]
2010/03/1823:1223:36 B711054    
2010/03/1903:4804:36   CME NE backside CME near equator
2010/03/1915:2416:48     SE transient loopings on limb S->N between
2 regions at S12 to N12
2010/03/1916:4823:41   CMESSW slow progress FC activation S45W60
2010/03/1921:2423:24   EPLNNW dancing prom at N55, small emission
2010/03/2000:0013:13   EPLNNW more prominence activity N55
2010/03/2022:3623:24 B811056  NW AR at N18W07
2010/03/2109:2410:38  11056CME NW small flare of AR with transient activity
of AR NW of 11056
2010/03/2119:3622:00   CME NE backside cme, slow
2010/03/2208:4814:00      temp data gap
2010/03/2216:2419:13   CME NW small flare of region NW of 11056 then post
transient looping between both regions.
2010/03/2309:4810:36   CME E backside cme/jet at N21

*See note on active region numbers.

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