EIT activity report for
2010/03/19 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2010/03/1503:4805:00   CMEENE compact event on limb
2010/03/1510:1411:00      compact dimming on disk A (S43, E05)
2010/03/1512:1212:36  11054CME  faint dimming on disk SE, S of AR
2010/03/1512:3612:48   CMEENE narrow, faint; limb event
2010/03/1515:2416:24   CME NE narrow; far side
2010/03/1520:1220:48   EPL SE compact event
2010/03/1520:4822:12   CME SE toward NE; appears to be from just over limb
2010/03/1522:3623:12      data gap
2010/03/1620:4822:00      data gap
2010/03/1622:3623:24      data gap
2010/03/1623:2423:48     NW prominence rising above limb;
appears ready to erupt
2010/03/1711:0012:16      data gap (IC 001)
2010/03/1721:1221:36   CME NW faint, narrow; far side
2010/03/1722:2422:36      FC activation just ENE of AR
2010/03/1722:3623:12      data gap
2010/03/1723:1223:48      data gap

*See note on active region numbers.

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