EIT activity report for
2010/01/25 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2010/01/2200:0004:12      data gap
2010/01/2206:1223:48  11042   region emerges from BP; multiple
loop emergence and compact brightenings
2010/01/2212:2416:00      data gap
2010/01/2216:1217:00      small dimming event to SW of
BP @ (S16, W22)
2010/01/2218:4819:36      filament (absorption) eruption
from BP @ (S16, W23)
2010/01/2306:0206:44      loop activation in nondescript region
@ (S30, E17)
2010/01/2320:4821:36     SE jetlike loop filling off limb; appears
to arise from surface @ (S46, E57)
2010/01/2406:4807:48  11042   FC acivation S of AR
2010/01/2408:1211:36   EPL SE faint filament ejection from limb to
(S56, E50)
2010/01/2405:2406:12      compact brightening to E of BP
@ (S13, E14), followed by compact
dimming toward N

*See note on active region numbers.

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