EIT activity report for
2010/01/22 daily meeting

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2010/01/2002:4803:24 C111041    
2010/01/2004:3604:48 C511041    
2010/01/2007:1307:25 M111041    
2010/01/2007:48  M111041   dark feature in 195 Å just N
of flare site; possibly higher
temperature feature
2010/01/2009:1210:00 C311041    
2010/01/2010:2410:36  11041 ESE dark looplike feature, once again
possibly higher temperature plasma
2010/01/2010:4811:12 M111041   dark feature brightens
2010/01/2012:2412:48 C311041   dark features at 12:36 UT on limb
2010/01/2013:1313:36 C111041   considerably brighter than previous
event in 195 Å
2010/01/2015:1215:24 C211041   loops increase in height
2010/01/2018:00  M311041    
2010/01/2019:1319:36  11041 ESE very bright event on limb, but no
GOES SXR event
2010/01/2022:1223:36  11040  NW fast, broad event toward WSW beyond limb
2010/01/2100:4803:24      data gap
2010/01/2104:3605:12  11041   multiple compact loop brightenings
2010/01/2107:2508:12     SE prominence material in absorption
appears to move parallel to limb
2010/01/2111:3612:24  11041   loops N of AR dim
2010/01/2113:2815:24      data gap (IC 001)
2010/01/2116:2419:48      data gap

*See note on active region numbers.

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