EIT activity report for
2008/09/25 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2008/09/2117:36+     NW Brightpoint flux emergence at ~N30W15...
2008/09/2200:00+     NW ...which continues to grow.
Preceded by dimming, but no evidence
of eruption.
2008/09/2205:3606:12     E } String of small puffs, all best
2008/09/2209:3610:00     E } seen in diff movie, at the E
2008/09/2214:2415:00     E } limb at ~N05-10.
2008/09/2221:3622:00     E }
2008/09/2217:3618:48     NE Brightpoint with dimming (and wave?)
at ~N01E20
2008/09/2301:3603:12     E One last small faint (diff) eruption
from equatorial limb.
2008/09/2306:00+     S South PCH develops "Elephant's Trunk"
extension at ~central meridian.
(Could just be projection effect.)
2008/09/2400:00+     E Large equatorial coronal hole rotates
over E limb. Otherwise, quiet Sun.
2008/09/2500:00+      Quiet Sun.

*See note on active region numbers.

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