EIT activity report for
2008/03/27 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2008/03/2504:3612:12  10989  E Prominence rising in/ close to third of three ARs
at limb (well obviously at the limb, as it's a prominence!)
2008/03/2518:0018:36  10988   Bright jet from leading edge of AR...
2008/03/2518:4823:48 M110989CME  Flare; classic 3-part CME. Wave propagates at least
to N and S poles (by 20:24UT). Post flare loop
activity still continuing at midnight.
2008/03/2600:00+      Continued flickering loop activity in all three
Active regions on disk.
2008/03/2616:1220:24  10988   Material appears to flow into AR along S-shaped field
line linking it to the preceding AR (10987).
2008/03/2700:00+  10987   Continued interplay between leading two ARs;
trailing region (that gave the M1 flare) now quieter.

*See note on active region numbers.

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