EIT activity report for
2008/03/06 daily meeting

Planner: J. Ireland

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2003/03/0412:2423:48     W Loop activity at equator at limb
2003/03/0412:3615:12     W Enlarging dark channel surrounded by brightening loops
2003/03/0420:1222:12     N Small loop eruption close to disc center
2003/03/0500:0004:48     NW Faint brightening in higher coronoa, possible outward expansion of material
2003/03/0508:0023:48     W Small bright point emerges, becomes larger loop system
2003/03/0503:0010:24     W QS area shows multiple faint loops brightening
2003/03/0600:0012:12     W Continuing activity in newly emerging active region
2003/03/0600:0012:12     SW QS regions brighten and dim

*See note on active region numbers.

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