EIT activity report for
2007/05/07 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2007/05/0406:3607:48  10953   multiple loop expansions, activations
dimming to S, SW of AR
2007/05/0418:48    CME W loop deflection on limb
2007/05/0511:3612:12  10953   FC activation develops from center of
AR toward S
2007/05/0512:0012:48 C410953   FC channel activation
2007/05/0513:1213:36  10953CME  dimming on disk S of AR
2007/05/0513:4814:24   CME SW  
2007/05/0518:4819:36  10953CME  dimming on disk S of AR
2007/05/0613:36   10953   faint FC activation in AR along N-S neutral
2007/05/0614:00   10953   brighter FC activation in same area
2007/05/0614:0015:36  10953CME SW dimming first on disk S of AR, then toward
WSW off limb
2007/05/0704:0004:36  10954   very compact dimming area S of former AR
2007/05/0704:00       very comapct dimming areas E, W of BP
@ (S05, E07)

*See note on active region numbers.

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