EIT activity report for
2006/07/05 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2006/06/3007:1310:00  10898   Filament channel activity in core of AR.
2006/06/3007:4810:00  10897   Sympathetic(?) activity at SW edge of AR.
2006/06/3016:0021:24  10898   Continued flux emergence causes loop
2006/07/0107:3610:28 C110898   Reconfigurations finally produce a (small)
flare -- a saturated bright loop in the
SE corner of the AR. No apparent ejecta.
2006/07/0207:1307:36  10898   Jet of bright material shoots NW towards
coronal hole.
2006/07/0208:2411:01 C110898   Similar to previous day's event; bright loop
in SE corner, activation of filament channel
and tenuous loops rise to SW (close to CH),
but no apparent ejecta.
2006/07/0212:2413:36     SE Flux emergence/ "anemone" at S20E30.
2006/07/0214:36+  10898   Fast bright jets from N edge of AR.
2006/07/0303:1205:12  10897CME  front of AR escapes
2006/07/03        Dimming region (refills by 08:48) and wave.
Wave propagation to E blocked by CH boundary.
Saturated loops remain until at least 11:00.
2006/07/0308:00+     E Prominence rotating over limb.
2006/07/0315:1217:00   CMESE rom new AR just behind limb.
Tops of post-flare arcade visible above limb.
2006/07/0323:4803:12 C110898   E end of a series of EW loops across the AR
light up. No other activity.
2006/07/0400:00+     SE Continued loop activity over limb.
2006/07/0412:36+     SE Sudden emergence of new region at S20E60.
2006/07/0419:3602:48 C110898CME  right loops from S front of AR expand.
2006/07/0508:1211:48 C110898CME  econd eruption from SW side of AR.
Loops that formed after last eruption
linking AR with diffuse field to SW now
open and erupt.

*See note on active region numbers.

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