EIT activity report for
2006/02/21 daily meeting

Planner: J. Ireland

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2006/02/1712:0023:24     E Transequatorial loops
2006/02/1712:0023:24    ENE Loop activity at limb
2006/02/1801:2515:12    ENE Small loop system has multiple
dimmings and brightenings.
2006/02/1810:5015:00     W Dimming in former AR 10854. Loops
fan out and up.
2006/02/1901:1319:13     S Continued small scale activity in
bright areas close to disk center
2006/02/1912:0019:13     N Brightening arc of material moving
2006/02/2001:1311:48     W Quiet Sun close to limb brightens.
2006/02/2001:1311:48    SE Two apparently open loops emptying
and refilling.
2006/02/2012:0019:13    SW Many local dimmings/brightnings
in the quiet Sun structure.
2006/02/2109:0011:00     W Faint puff of material.
2006/02/2101:1303:00     W Faint dim blob region moves away
from surface.

*See note on active region numbers.

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