EIT activity report for
2005/12/27 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2005/12/2313:2614:00   EPL SW wave appears to travel upward
in narrow absorption feature
along inner edge of one leg of
helmet streamer
2005/12/2314:1215:00   EPL SW feature only in emission
2005/12/2315:2418:00   CME SW helmet streamer erupts
2005/12/2322:1222:36  10840  E loop brightening on limb @ S08
2005/12/2410:3411:39     E loop brightening propagates to
edge of FOV (~ 0.3 RSun) @ N10
2005/12/2420:2423:28  10841 ENE repeated, compact brightenings
just W of AR on limb
2005/12/2503:4804:00   CME W backside; faint
2005/12/2510:0010:28      data gap (C3 color sequence)
2005/12/2510:28   10842   small dimming area S of AR after
(missed) C1 event
2005/12/2511:3611:48   CME W narrow, faint, backside feature;
propagates toward NW
2005/12/2518:1220:24      FC activation, dimming WNW of
AR 10841
2005/12/2600:3602:24  10841   FC activation NW of AR
2005/12/2606:2406:48  10841   FC activation W of AR
2005/12/2609:3611:48   CMEENE rotation, dimming of features
2005/12/2612:3512:48      BP brightens, disappears @ (S45, W20)
2005/12/2614:1214:24  10840   FC activation S of AR
2005/12/2618:1219:48  10840   FC activation S of AR
2005/12/2622:1222:24  10840   FC activation S of AR
2005/12/2701:1301:26  10840   FC activation S of AR
2005/12/2704:0004:36  10841   FC activation, loop enhancement
connecting AR to AR 10840

*See note on active region numbers.

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