EIT activity report for
2005/12/01 daily meeting

Planner: J. Ireland

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2005/11/3017:4805:48 M110826 ESE Small compact flare
2005/11/3012:0023:48  10827 ENE Small active region with compact loops brightening/dimming
2005/11/3012:0023:48    W Small equatorial coronal hole
2005/11/3012:0023:48  10826 ESE Dynamic loops motions, multiple loop brightenings
2005/11/3012:0023:48    E Emission west if AR 10826 dims and brightens multiple times as activity in AR 10 826 proceeds. Multiple filamentary brightenings and dimmings.
2005/12/0102:0003:48 C210824CMEWSW CME launches from a small core area and expands rapidly; dimming in the corona
2005/12/0103:1209:48  10824 WSW Loops brighten and rise.
2005/12/0100:0011:48 C1  ESE Small almost circular bright emission emerges and grows.
2005/12/0100:0011:48  10826 ESE Continual activity in active region
2005/12/0100:0003:12     E Emission west of AR 10826 brightens, becomes more homogeneous
2005/12/0104:4805:48 C610826 ESE Flare

*See note on active region numbers.

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