EIT activity report for
2005/08/29 daily meeting

Planner: B.J. Thompson

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2005/08/26 03:0011:47C2.1 10803CMEENE Outflows for several hours, primary
part of CME at 09:12
2005/08/2612:0013:26   CMEWSW Off-limb loop expansion & eruption
2005/08/2612:0015:12   CMEE Really interesting off-limb activity,
field line whips around
2005/08/2621:1222:00  10803CMEE Fast spurt/eruption
2005/08/2620:4823:48   CMEWSW Faint rising field lines off limb
2005/08/27 00:0000:48   CMESW Faint eruption on disk and off limb
2005/08/27 06:3607:13  10803CMEENE Quick spurt/jet
2005/08/2706:4808:12  10804CMEW On-disk dimming
2005/08/2720:3621:48  10803CMEENE  
2005/08/28 08:2411:48   CMESW Faint eruption on disk
2005/08/2809:3611:00M1.6 10803CMEENE Fast CME with dimming
2005/08/2812:2523:36  10803 ENE Continual evolution in AR into the next day
2005/08/29 09:2419:48   CMENW Rapid filament evolution, possible CME

*See note on active region numbers.

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