EIT activity report for
2005/02/17 daily meeting

Planner: R.J. Leamon

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2005/02/1604:2405:00  10733   Flux emergence in gap.
2005/02/1605:4807:26  10735   Loops form at S of AR chain, linking
AR 10735 to AR 10734, and (separately)
AR 10734 to AR 10733.
2005/02/1608:1210:36  10735   Dimming N and S of AR, but no other
evidence of eruption.
2005/02/1614:0016:40      EIT Shutterless Run in 304Å
2005/02/1622:2403:24 C510734CME  Flare is at 23:36 but reconfiguration
of loops N of AR starts several
frames before.
2005/02/1701:1303:24  10735   Dimming along N edge of AR chain;
2005/02/17        arcade forms in AR 10735 but no other
evidence of eruption.
2005/02/1703:5805:12  10732   Small bright loop rises and writhes
above limb.
2005/02/1706:3607:13  10733   Small jet S of AR.
2005/02/1707:3610:00  10733   Renewed flux emergence N of AR.
2005/02/1714:0015:20      ICAL 01

*See note on active region numbers.

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