EIT activity report for
2005/01/17 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2005/01/1412:12   10718   multiple compact loops brighten
2005/01/1412:48   10720   compact brightening, partial loop
brightening to NE of AR
2005/01/1412:48  C410718   compact event in E end of aR
2005/01/1413:00       sector wheel hang at start
of 13:00 UT synoptics
2005/01/1413:0014:50      data gap (LEB reboots)
2005/01/1414:50   10720   large loop system brightening
2005/01/1414:5015:51      data gap (commanding delay)
2005/01/1415:51  C810720    
2005/01/1416:12  M110718   brightenings on both sides of
neutral line; small dimming area
N of AR
2005/01/1418:0018:48 M110720   all along neutral line
2005/01/1421:1222:24 M110720    
2005/01/1423:24  C510718   compact loop brightening S of
neutral line
2005/01/1500:4801:36 X110720   entire neutral line lights up,
though it would take a real
enthusiast to find a sigmoid
2005/01/1502:24  C210720   N-S-oriented loops at NW end
of AR brighten; many individual
bright points to SW of AR in
dimming area to SW, S of AR
2005/01/1504:1204:24  10718   brightenings at E end of AR
2005/01/1504:2404:36 M110720    
2005/01/1506:0007:13 M910720CME  along and N of neutral line;
wave to NNW, NW, including
activation of large FC
2005/01/1511:48  M110720   brightening along central
section of neutral line, beneath
post-CME loops from 06:00 UT event
2005/01/1512:2412:36 C710720   as 11:48 UT event
2005/01/1514:0014:12 C510720   compact brightening on, N of
neutral line
2005/01/1514:0014:36 M310718CME  wave on disk toward SW, S, NW
2005/01/1517:0017:12 C810720    
2005/01/1519:48  C310720    
2005/01/1520:12  C510720    
2005/01/1520:48   10720   compact brightening; fan spray
toward NE from NE of AR
2005/01/1522:3623:12 X210720CME  data gap (C3 pol. seq.)
between images; FC to NW is
blown away during gap
2005/01/1523:4800:00  10720   jetlike partial loop brightening
to NE of AR
2005/01/1600:0011:48      increasing proton flux throughout
2005/01/1600:4801:26  10720   jetlike brightening toward NE;
movement in features up to 60° N
2005/01/1602:0003:48  10720   multiple brightenings in features
immediately S, SW of AR
2005/01/1603:2404:36      activation of FC in NE
2005/01/1603:36   10720   fainter, jetlike brightening to NE
2005/01/1604:3605:12      data gap (C3 pol. seq.)
2005/01/1605:1205:48   CME NE associated with eruption of FC
on NE part of disk; already in
progress at 05:12 UT
2005/01/1605:12   10720   fainter, jetlike brightening to NE
2005/01/1606:36   10720   fainter, jetlike brightening to NE
2005/01/1606:1211:48  10720   multiple brightenings along
neutral line, below post-CME loops
2005/01/1612:1212:24  10720   small dimming area NNW of AR
2005/01/1614:48   10720   ejecta (in emission) in loop
N of AR
2005/01/1615:1215:36 C510720   activation of E half of neutral
line, followed by compact
brightening at W end
2005/01/1618:36  C310720   entire neutral line brightens
2005/01/1619:36   10720   more diffuse loop ejection to N
2005/01/1622:00  M210720   intense emission in E half of
neutral line
2005/01/1622:1222:36  10720   emission along antire length of
double-recurve neutral line;
dimming to E, SE of AR
2005/01/1703:24  M210720   E half of neutral line
2005/01/1706:12  C210720   compact brightening in center of
AR, transient loop brightening
between AR, plage to E
2005/01/1708:0010:00 X410720   steady increase in brightness
in E half of AR until 09:48 UT,
when W half of neutral line is
involved, with significant
increase in total emission (in
GOES SXR, an M2 followed by an X4)
2005/01/1709:36   10720CME  loops to NW of AR open, then
disappear; wave to N, NW, NNE on disk
2005/01/1709:4811:12  10720CME  wave to NNE, NW, W, SW, SSW on
disk, NW, W, SW, SSW off-limb

*See note on active region numbers.

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