EIT activity report for
2005/01/03 daily meeting

Planner: J.B. Gurman

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/12/3016:3917:03   CME  faint; backside
2004/12/3021:37  B210715   FC activation in center of AR
2004/12/3021:49  C410715   activation of same FC, to SW of AR
2004/12/3021:4923:48  10715CME E wave on disk to N, S, W of AR
2004/12/3022:1222:36 M410715   brightening of two pairs of loops
across original FC
2004/12/3022:2422:36  10715   filament (absorption) ejecta
NE, N, S, W of AR
2004/12/3023:1223:48      enhancement of emission along E edge
of FC/small CH region @ (N05, E35-15)
2004/12/3100:12       faint arcade in small CH region:
post-CME loops?
2004/12/3100:4801:13      new enhancement along E edge of
small CH: wave bounce?
2004/12/3104:2404:36 C610715   narrow FC enhancement grows to
flare loop system
2004/12/3104:2407:13  10715CME  dimming NE, SE, then S of AR on
disk; activation of features to
ESE, N, NW, and S of AR
2004/12/3105:3606:00   CME SW faint; backside, toward SSW
2004/12/3109:0010:00  10715CME  new dimming area S of AR on disk
2004/12/3114:4815:24 M110715CME  dimming, wave S, SSE, NW of AR
on disk
2004/12/3116:4822:12      data gap
2004/12/3123:1223:48  10715   loop system to S of AR expands
toward S
2005/01/0100:1200:48 X110715   Happy New Year
2005/01/0100:2401:36  10715CME  dimming, wave on disk
2005/01/0109:2409:48  10715   FC activation, new loop appearance
in previous dimming area SW of AR
2005/01/0114:1214:24 C110715   small dimming area to S of AR,
14:36 - 18:12 UT
2005/01/0200:4801:26  10715   small dimming area S of AR
2005/01/0203:1304:36  10715   small dimming area N of AR
2005/01/0204:1206:36 C210715   loop brightening in center of AR
2005/01/0208:48   10715   transient loop connecting AR to
trailing region at (N05, E30)
2005/01/0211:2412:36  10715   appearance of loops connecting
AR to region at (N05, E30)
2005/01/0213:13   10715   compact brightening in center of AR
2005/01/0214:2417:00  10717 WNW narrow helmet structure appears
to open toward WNW
2005/01/0214:2418:48  10715   more interconnecting loops
2005/01/0220:2420:36  10715   compact brightenings in E part of AR
2005/01/0221:36   10717   compact loop brightening on limb
2005/01/0222:0023:24  10715   yet more loops
2005/01/0302:2402:48  10715   very compact brightening on E
edge of AR, followed by apparent
loop expnasion to SE
2005/01/0303:4805:48 C310715   FC activation, interconnecting
loops between AR, trailer, then
dimming, wave in 0715-0716-trailer
triangle, then to W and SW
2005/01/0310:0011:48  10715   more interconnecting loops to E
2005/01/0310:0010:48  10715   loop system connecting AR with
E edge of small CH to W brightens

*See note on active region numbers.

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