EIT activity report for
2004/11/01 daily meeting

Planner: C.A. Young/J.Ireland

DateStartEndGOESAR* OtherPADescription
2004/10/2914:12  C210691  SE  
2004/10/2916:3617:00 C310693  SE  
2004/10/2919:2620:00 C310693  SE  
2004/10/2921:0423:48 C110691  NW multiple flares
2004/10/2921:36  C110693  SE  
2004/10/2923:48  C310691  NW  
2004/10/3000:3601:26 M110691  NW small jet
2004/10/3002:24  C210691  NW small localised brightening
2004/10/3003:48  M410691  NW
2004/10/3006:1206:48 M410691  NW large scale dimming westward
of the flare. EIT wave.
2004/10/3007:13  C610691    
2004/10/3009:09  M410691  NW ejection of dark material
2004/10/3010:28  C810691  NW  
2004/10/3011:4813:13 X110691  NW  
2004/10/3013:44  C110691  NW  
2004/10/3014:4115:24 C310691  NW Jet of material
2004/10/3015:5116:12 C110691  NW  
2004/10/3016:1817:12 M610691  NW large scale dimming westward
of the flare site
2004/10/3016:1216:36 C310693  SE  
2004/10/3021:51  C210691  NW  
2004/10/3012:0023:48  10691  NW Loops that join to AR10690
brighten and dim multiple times
dependent on the activity in
AR 10691
2004/10/3100:4801:36 C210691  NW  
2004/10/3102:2404:00 M110691  NW Loop connection to AR 10691
2004/10/3105:3606:24 M210691  NW Dimming westward
2004/10/3110:2811:48  10691  NW Loop connection to AR 10691
2004/10/3120:0020:36 C210691  NW  
2004/10/3121:1223:12 C710691  NW  
2004/10/3112:0023:38  10691  NW Loop connection to AR 10691
brightens then fades again.
2004/11/0103:1204:36 M110691  NW Dimming west and southward.
Activity over widely separated
portions of the active region
2004/11/0104:2404:48 C310691 WNW Flare at limb
2004/11/0106:3611:48      Protons hit detector

*See note on active region numbers.

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